Pollen (Wind pollinated species)

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Pollen from a named tree species, representative of the typically small, smooth pollen grains that wind pollinated plants produce.

Use for microscopic examination. 


  • Use a fine paint brush to extract tiny quantities at a time.
  • A dry mount using a coverslip works best.
  • Compare bottom lighting, top lighting (best) and dark field (also excellent).
  • Mount in water to observe the artefacts introduced due to osmotic uptake of water causing the pollen grains to expand and sometimes rupture.

Pack contains: Pollen sample. With careful use, quantity suitable for 50-100 slides.

Curriculum levels:

NCEA Level 2 Biology: AS 2.3 Adaptations of plants to their way of life.

Science: Living World L5-8.


Pollination, Reproduction, Microscopy.