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A learning card pack featuring 40 brightly coloured photos of common fruit and vegetables and the plants they come from. These answer the question "Where does my food come from?" Labels and basic nutritional information given on the backs of the cards. Titles are in both English and Mäori. Ideal for fruit and vegetable recognition and naming, and literacy, numeracy, colour recognition, grouping, auditory development and sequencing activities. Or, use in conjunction with vegetable garden projects. Contains teacher / adult guide.

Featuring: potato, potato crop, carrots, carrot crop, cabbage, cabbage plants, cauliflower, cauliflower plants, broccoli, broccoli plants, silver beet, silverbeet plants, onions, onion plants, corn, corn plants, beans, bean vine, peas, pea vine, pumpkin, pumpkin vines, tomatoes, tomato vines, raspberries, raspberry canes, grapes, grape vines, oranges, orange trees, apples, apple trees, pears, pear trees, bananas, banana trees, peaches, peach tree, strawberries, strawberry plants. 

Final card size is 148 x 105 mm, ready for laminating

Te Whāriki links:
Communication Goal 2. Exploration Goals 3 & 4. 

Science Levels 1 & 2:
Living World: Ecology, Evolution. 


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