Fern spores

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Spores of the NZ native Parablechnum montanum fern. (Previously known as Blechnum montanum.)

Spores are haploid (N) and produced by the sporophyte generation of ferns.

Use for microscopic examination. Not intended for sowing.


  • Use a fine paint brush or toothpick to extract tiny quantities at a time.
  • Compare dry mount with coverslip versus wet mount with coverslip.
  • Compare bottom lighting, top lighting (angled at 45 degrees) and dark field. 
  • Identify empty sporangia.

Pack contains: Spores sample along with some empty sporangia. With careful use, quantity suitable for 50-100 slides.

Curriculum levels:

NCEA Level 2 Biology: AS 2.3 Adaptations of plants to their way of life.

Science: Living World L5-8.


Alternation of generations, Fern reproduction, Microscopy.