Eyes and Ears

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A learning card pack featuring 40 brightly coloured photos of animal eyes and ears. Children match close-ups of eyes or ears with the whole animal to which they belong. English and Māori labels and further information is found on the backs of the cards. Ideal for recognition and naming, careful observation skill development, and literacy, numeracy, colour recognition, grouping, auditory development and sequencing activities. Contains teacher / adult guide.

Featuring eye or ear close-ups paired with whole animal pictures of: spider, crab, fly, dragonfly, snail, fish, frog, snake, lizard, owl, cat, dog, horse, human, bird, donkey, mouse, elephant, bat.

Final card size is 148 x 105 mm, ready for laminating

Te Whāriki links:
Communication Goal 2. Exploration Goals 3 & 4. 

Science Levels 1 & 2:
Living World: Ecology, Evolution. 


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