Cow femur (whole, x1 pack) — frozen

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Investigate the exterior structures of a cow femur bone. A quality investigation/ dissection showing articular cartilage, epiphyses (bone ends), diaphysis (bone shaft), muscle attachments and some parts of the synovial joint.

Cow femur for investigation/dissection, packed and frozen singly, offering rich hands-on learning experiences. Reputable supplier.


Product: x1 whole femur (2.5 kg, frozen)

NOTE: These are large bones, so we can only use our largest delivery box. Four to six will fit in one of these, so this is the most economical way to deliver them. It is not practical or economic to deliver one or two of them unless they are combined with other dissection products.

Delivered frozen to physical, attended addresses only.

Dispatched Mondays and Tuesdays (10am cut-off), school terms only.

Couriered to cities and larger towns throughout New Zealand. Rural delivery (and locations not serviced by our courier) by negotiation and may incur extra costs.