Cow eyes (x10 pack) B-Grade — frozen

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Study sense organ anatomy by dissecting cow eyes from Science Resource Box. Discover the external eye muscles, optic nerve, sclera, cornea, pupil, iris, lens, suspensory ligaments, vitreous and aqueous humors and the reflective retina. Remove the lens and use it as a magnifier. These B-Grade eyes have less flesh around the eyeball itself and the optic nerve is cut shorter than normal, but is still identifiable.

Cow eyes for dissection, packed and frozen in bags of 10 for convenience. 

Product: x10 cow eyes (0.5 kg, frozen)

For urgent deliveries, please speak to us directly. We want you to receive your frozen and therefore perishable products in good order, countrywide!

Shipping Notes

Delivered frozen to physical, attended addresses.

Dispatched Mondays and Tuesdays (10am cut-off), school terms only.

Couriered to cities and larger towns throughout New Zealand.

Watch Video

Cow's eye dissection video of a fresh eye, suitable for students.

In-depth cow eye dissection and discussion, for teachers.

In-depth dissection of a preserved eye, for teachers.