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Investigate the structures of the 'hind limb' by dissecting chicken legs. These are similar in structure to human legs and show: the tough outer protective epidermis (skin); feather follicles (similar to human hair follicles); the lower portion of the leg containing the tibia and fibula bones, along with gastrocnemius (calf) muscles; the upper leg containing the femur and thigh muscles; adipose fat which stores energy and insulates and cushions the body; fascia (connective tissue); tendons, ligaments and cartilage; blood vessels; bone marrow; and, nerves.

Chicken legs for dissection, packed and frozen in bags of 5 for convenience, offering rich hands-on learning experiences. Reputable supplier.

Product: x5 whole chicken legs (1.25 kg, frozen)

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 Chicken leg dissection (brief) 


Chicken leg dissection video (detailed)

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