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Have fun pressing autumn leaves, making acorn people and animals, and observing changes that occur during autumn. Best suited to children 3½ to 5½ years of age and designed by teachers.

The pack includes: two glossy A3 posters on autumn trees and the autumn garden; a colour sequencing game; Teacher's Guide; fact sheet; autumn activity sheets, photocopy masters, poems and a song.

Te Whāriki links:
Contribution Goal 3, Communication Goals 2, 3, 4 and Exploration Goals 3 and 4. 

Science Levels 1 & 2: 
Living World Life processes: Ecology, Evolution. 
Planet Earth and Beyond: Astronomical systems. 
Material World: Properties and changes of matter
Nature of Science: observations, exploration, patterns, comparisons, sequencing, classifying and identifying, naming.


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