Breaking dormancy in kōwhai seeds (NCEA Bio Level 2)

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Introduction: This pack demonstrates how to break dormancy in kōwhai seeds using two controlled experimental methods. Seeds only germinate in favourable conditions and our native kōwhai are no exception. They require, in addition to warmth, moisture and oxygen, other techniques to weaken their tough seed coats. Learn how this is done and if you wish, grow seedlings to enhance a native planting. Help to rewild your community and our world. Real life, hands-on!

Key science: Germination, seed dormancy, scarification.

Kit contains: Over 200 kōwhai seeds (Sophora microphylla) within their pods. This species is the only kōwhai naturally found throughout most of Aotearoa/New Zealand, and therefore appropriate for native area restoration almost anywhere. (Other species have naturally more localised distributions.) A Teacher's Guide Sheet shows how to break the seed dormancy and how to set up controlled germination experiments.

Curriculum levels: NCEA Level 2 Biology: AS 2.3 Adaptations of plants to their way of life.