Stillborn pig (28–36 cm, x1) — frozen

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Study whole body anatomy and organ systems in detail by dissecting stillborn piglets selected and prepared specifically for student use and packed for convenience. Discover in detail the following systems: digestive, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, and much, much more. Umbilical cord still attached.

Quality stillborn pig for dissection, packed singly for convenience. Complete animal selected and prepared specifically to maximise learning outcomes. Reputable (MPI certified) breeder-sourced freshly stillborn piglets, offering rich hands-on learning experiences.


Product: 1 stillborn pig (28–36 cm, 700–1000g, frozen)

For urgent deliveries, please speak to us directly. We want you to receive your frozen and therefore perishable products in good order, countrywide!

Delivered frozen to physical, attended addresses.

Dispatched Mondays and Tuesdays (10am cut-off), school terms only.

Couriered to cities and larger towns throughout New Zealand. Rural delivery (and locations not serviced by our courier) by negotiation and may incur extra costs. 

For those who are curious: Where do these stillborn pigs come from? Well, given pigs have large litters, there are always some offspring that die at birth due to things like suffocation, a knot in the umbilical cord, and failure to thrive for other health reasons. Normally they are a waste product, but we are able to collect them for educational purposes. Only animals that die of natural causes are used.


"Thank you so much for the recent delivery of stillborn pigs. We have only dissected one of the larger ones so far (the rest are for next week), but I just wanted to say how favourably it was received. Not only was it particularly clean and odourless, but the teacher who did the dissection was delighted to be able to dissect out the umbilical vein, something he had never seen before.

I hope you will continue to stock the pigs as we are sure to buy more in future.”

Teresa Jones
Science Technician

Watch videos
Note, these three detailed and excellent videos show dissection of a chemically-preserved foetal/stillborn piglet. Frozen animals that we supply are more supple and vividly coloured.

Foetal pig dissection Part 1 — External features

Video timing:

Urogenital opening: 2:00
Umbilical Cord 2:38
Hard Palate: 4:22
Soft Palate: 4:44
Epiglottis > Glottis > Esophagus: 5:10


Fetal Pig Dissection Part 2) Abdominal and Pelvic cavities

Video timing:

Umbilical vein connected to liver: 4:36
Umbilical artery 5:46
Urinary bladder: 6:01
Liver 9:36
Gallbladder: 10:37
Common bile duct: 11:29
Small Intestine: 11:53
Large Intestine: 12:13
Cecum: 12:48
Stomach: 14:55
Spleen: 15:10
Pancreas: 16:17
Kidney: 16:36
Ureter: 18:20
Adrenal Gland: 19:30
Pyloric Sphincter: 20:55
Renal Cortex: 27:54
Renal Medulla: 28:00


Fetal Pig Dissection Part 3) Thorax etc

Video timing:

Diaphragm 1:45
Lungs&Heart 2:04
Pericardial sac: 2:17
Thyroid Gland 8:02
Masseter muscle 10:10
Salivary gland 10:37
Thymus 11:27
Testes 13:47