Q. Why can't hard (i.e. physical) products be delivered outside of New Zealand?
A. Our current set of online hard products are specifically tailored to New Zealand (and, we are currently not set up for international delivery of these hard products).

Q. Where is the digital file I purchased?
A. Once payment has been cleared, any digital files can be found by logging into your account, then going to the My Orders section. Click on 'Downloads' and select the file you have purchased. If you have paid by 'PayPal' or 'Credit Card', the file will be available for almost immediate download. If you paid by either 'Direct Credit to Our Bank' OR 'Cheque', then the file will only be released for download once payment is received or the cheque has cleared. You will be informed by email once this has occurred.

Q. How much does it cost to deliver my products?
A. Charges are based on the total value of your order. In the shopping cart click on Estimate Delivery Charge to receive a quote.


Q. Why is there a minimum order of $100?
A. The corresponding mass of frozen material helps it to remain frozen and fresh upon delivery.

Q. How are orders delivered and how long does it take to receive them?
A. Orders are sent by courier on a Monday or Tuesday, with a delivery time of one to three working days. If you require a delivery service other than the one offered please email to see if an alternative is available.

Q. How are products packed and how do I care for them?
A. All products are sent out in resealable bags, frozen and packed in a polystyrene thermo box to ensure they reach you in prime condition. The products should be removed from the polystyrene containers and stored in their bags in a freezer set at -18 degrees Celsius. After defrosting and use, you may refreeze them for further use if in a fit state. 

Q. What if I have a problem with my purchase?
A. If any problems do arise they will be dealt with as quickly as possible, with the aim of resolving the problem to your complete satisfaction.

Q. What is your returns policy for dissection products?
A. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of dissection products, but if there are any problems, we will do our best to rectify them to your satisfaction.  

Q. Can I recycle the resealable bags and the polystyrene boxes?
A. Yes, the resealable bags can be washed in hot, soapy water and inverted to dry. They have many future storage uses. The polystyrene boxes have multiple uses in experiments, for storage and for transport. Some recycling depots now accept polystyrene for recycling. Similarly, some polystyrene manufacturers accept clean polystyrene for re-incorporation into new products.

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