Big Backyard Bugs (Interactive poster)

Big Backyard Bugs (Interactive poster)
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A colourful A3 interactive poster featuring typical big bugs (insects) found in New Zealand backyards, including: monarch butterfly, cicada, katydid, praying mantis, german wasp, bumble bee, drone fly, American cockroach, black field cricket, huhu beetle, red admiral and tree weta. Cut out the pictures of the bugs and place in the correct locations on the poster. Great for recognition of the different insects, their special features and typical locations where they are found. This activity is a good for close observations and as a precurser to understanding more advanced concepts such as habitats, ecosystems, ecological niche and animal diversity.

The poster is laminated light card.


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Ideas and approaches

Primary Years 2–3

Primary Years 3–6

Tags: bugs, insects, interactive posters, backyard, habitat, New Zealand
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