Air Rockets L3/4/5 (class kit for hire) details

- Teacher’s guide (x1)
- Rocket launcher with safety valve, launch angle adjuster and electric launch mechanism (x1)
- Pump with gauge (measured in bars and pounds per square inch) with extra long delivery tube
- Large scale protractor for measuring launch angles
- 50 tape measure for measuring flight distances
- Cones and flags to recording and gathering flight distance data
- Safety glasses (x4)
Spare battery for launcher.

Teaching Approach and Curriculum links
This kit is designed to teach students how to ‘do science’ and to ‘think scientifically’ within the context of ‘Air Rockets’. Students need to be equipped with future-focused skills that are transferable to any context, so this kit emphasises Nature of Science concepts and in particular the five key Foundational Science Capabilities shown to the below.

See for more details.

Safety plan
The rocket launcher
The first launches
The distance challenge
More challenges and questions
Science Capabilities
Core science elements

Suggested approach
Firstly, good investigations start with good questions. So, examples of questions are given and possible outcomes and lines of investigation are suggested. However, these are not rigid. It is suggested that students be allowed to explore before structured lines of inquiry are formed. 

Each activity has introductory and support information for the teacher, followed by student investigations under the heading ‘Questions and ideas to investigate’. The activities begin with simple questions and ideas, leading to more open-ended and challenging student-lead investigations. Further teacher support is given [in square brackets]. Emphasis throughout is on the five Foundational Science Capabilities.

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