Electricity L3/4 (class kit for hire) hiring, costs, payments

Typical hire period for this kit: 4 weeks.
Minimum hire period: 1 week
Turn-around week: A kit hire period begins on a Monday and finishes on a Friday. Upon booking please reserve a continuous series of dates starting on a Monday and finishing on a Friday, and include any weekends. You must return your kit by courier on the Monday immediately after your hire period. (Return instructions are included in the kit's documentation.) This allows time for the kit to be checked and made ready for delivery to the next client. 
Example Hire: You book a kit for four weeks (Monday 9 May to Friday 3 June). The kit will arrive late in the previous week (Thursday 5 or Friday 6 May), or at the latest Monday 9 May. You use the kit with as many classes as you wish, then prepare it for the return courier on Friday 3 June. Email us to say it is ready and we will arrange a courier to pick it up on Monday 6 June.

Kit hire: $60 per week (GST incl.). Initially we only charge you for the first week's hire ($52.17 + GST = $60) plus courier delivery. At the completion of the hire period you will receive a final invoice for any additional weeks, plus the cost of the return courier.*
Courier charges: Courier costs will be factored into the final invoice. Depending on where you live, you may receive a partial refund for the initial courier delivery, while rural delivery may attract an extra fee. See Delivery Information.

New Zealand customers: Cheque, Direct Credit, Credit Card, PayPal.
Overseas customers: Not hired overseas.

Hiring region: For hire within New Zealand only.
Choose a kit: A kit that is for hire will have '(kit for hire)' in its title. If there are duplicates of this kit, then the title will say, for example, '#1 of 4' meaning that this kit is number 'one' of four duplicate kits in total. If you have several classes you may wish to hire several kits at once, so make reservations for some of the other duplicate kits. You will need to check each kit's availability to ensure you can hire several kits at once before you commit to any of them.
Checking available dates: Click the miniature calendar icons in the boxes below the title 'Available Options'. Red calendar dates are unavailable
Reserving a kit: In the first calendar choose a start date (it must be a Monday); In the second calendar choose a finish date (it must be a Friday); Qty 1(always); Click 'Add to Cart'; Once you have selected all the kits you need, progress to the 'Shopping Cart' at the top right of the page. There you will enter your contact details and confirm your reservation. Several different payment options are available.

*Lost kit items and avoidable damage will also be factored into the final invoice.

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